We Built It. Will They Come?

These are the Torah portions which try men's souls. Or women's. Or really anyone who attempts to find some kind of relevance in parsha after parsha, column after mind numbing column, of what can only be accurately be described as IKEA directions for some product called Tåbernacłe. You have to wonder--when the Israelites had finished ...


All About Eve

Once in a while, current events line up perfectly with the week’s Torah portion. So even though sometimes it feels like we’re approaching the end of civilized life, we actually find some parallels in the story of creation, which we read this week in Parshat Breisheet, comprised of the very first chapters of the Torah. ...

Author! Author!

A number of years ago, the Israeli government needed to add a special fighter plane to its arsenal. The plane would cost $500 million, and the government didn't know where they were going to find the money. One professional fundraiser said, "No problem--we'll find 500 of the wealthiest Jews around the world and simply ask ...


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