Jewish Slacktivism Part II

Have you ever paid someone to recite Mourners Kaddish? Would you? The Kaddish could well be the most well-known and ubiquitous texts that exist in our liturgy—it evokes a variety of emotions and seems to unite Jews of disparate levels of observance. Even those who identify as non-observant often make the effort to recite Mourners ...


God and Country

On my Facebook page last week, I posed a question—with tongue planted firmly in cheek—asking whether there was a blessing for Donald Trump. Even so, there was a real answer that I had in mind. There are many different blessings that one is supposed to recite on various occasions, such as witnessing a wonder of ...

Kiss This, Not That

Are you a kipah-kisser? We’ve all seen it countless times. You’re wearing a kipah in temple—it falls off your head and onto the floor. You bend over, pick it up, give it a little kiss, and replace it on your head. Please, in the name of everything that is holy in this world, stop kissing ...


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